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Best practices when using knowledge check questions in eLearning

Knowledge checks questions are questions which are asked to a learners periodically throughout an eLearning course and tests the learners on what they have just learned.

Using knowledge check questions can bring a number of benefits including increasing learner engagement and knowledge retention, however, there are a number of things you should consider when including knowledge check questions, below are some of these things.

1. Relevant to content

When adding knowledge checks to your eLearning courses one of the most important things you should consider is that the questions are relevant to the course content and only tests the learner on what they have just learned. In other words if something was not taught in the course you should not be testing your learners on it. With this in mind think about the content of your course, which pieces of information are most important and the types of questions you want to ask.

2. Frequency

There is no set amount on the number of knowledge checks you should use in your eLearning course, typically a knowledge check is asked at the end of a section or chapter and tests the learners on what they have learned in that section. When adding these knowledge checks to the end of a section try to make sure you touch on the key topics of the section and the information you want learners to retain.

3. Too Difficult

When creating knowledge check questions typically you would include distractors which are incorrect answers that are displayed alongside the correct answer. For example, if you decide to use a multiple-choice knowledge check question in which the learner needs to select 1 of 4 answers the question will have 1 correct answer and 3 distractor answers. When choosing distractors try to think of potential answers that get the learner thinking, try to strike a balance between having answers that are similar to the correct answer but not too similar that learners will have a hard time trying to eliminate the possible options.


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