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Benefits of Microlearning

The concept of microlearning involves breaking down your eLearning content into small bite sized chunks. These chunks make your training easier to digest and helps the learner consume specific pieces of information without overwhelming them.

Below are some of the benefits you can get by using microlearning in your next eLearning project.

1) It’s great for mobile

One of the benefits of using microlearning is that it can work well with mobile learning. As most people carry some form of smartphone this means that learners can take training from any location at any time. This might be while waiting for a bus or sitting in a coffee shop, as a result the type of training that learners take in these situations is different. Traditionally eLearning was taken at a desk on a computer and learners would spend anywhere from 30 mins to several hours on a course. For mobile learning this is probably not the case, and as a result microlearning fits this perfectly. Breaking the course down into small micromodules allows learners with a mobile device to take short, easy to digest modules in between whatever they are doing.

2) It helps reduce loading times

Another benefit of using microlearning is that it can help reduce loading times. As large numbers of learners are taking training from home or elsewhere loading times are important. Each internet connection is different, and some have faster connections then others. Having your eLearning course broken out into smaller micro modules means slower loading times, as a result this makes the course easier to download and makes it more accessible. If the learner has to download a large eLearning course before they can even begin this might be an issue and some learners might not be able to download it at all.

3) It helps the learner understand

Another benefit of using microlearning is that it helps the learner better digest your learning content. Some courses can be difficult and can have a lot of learning content that the learner needs to know. This can overwhelm the learner and result in them being confused or disengaged from your eLearning course. Microlearning can help with this, by having separate smaller modules it helps the learner pause before tackling the next subject, this lets them reflect on what they have learned and address the gaps in their knowledge before moving onto the next subject.


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