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Are you ready for Gamification?

Gamification is one the most useful and effective methods of training as it is delivers information in a fun, memorable, and interactive way, guaranteeing that the learners retain the information long after completing the training. Although there are immense benefits to gamification it is important to evaluate your training to make sure that you are ready to implement gamification into your companies training. Here’s some things to consider if you are thinking about implementing gamification.

1. Check if Game Requirements Fit your Training

Games will usually have these three elements, Score Keeping/Reward System, Interactivity, and Instant Feedback. If you feel like your training could benefit from these three features being introduced, then gamification might be a move in the right direction for your training.

2. Is your Audience ready for Gamification?

Consult your employees about the switch to gamification to prepare everyone for the method of training. Younger employees will generally have no issues with gamification being implemented and might even be excited, as for older employees it might be a good idea to take some extra time to explain to them how gamification works to prepare

them for the switch.

3. Can your Content be Converted?

How easily would you be able to convert your existing training content to a gamified version? Some methods of training like eLearning are easier to convert than other methods with some not even worth considering for gamification. This is a good evaluation on not only if you should develop a gamified training module, but also to help with the planning process for a proposed gamified training module.

4. Will your game be Fun?

Games are supposed to be fun and enjoyable. When considering gamification, it is important to keep this factor in mind. Will you be able to design a gamified module that will be enjoyable for your employees? Your game should not feel like chore, and if you think that it might end up playing that way then gamification might not be for you.

These are a few things to keep in mind when considering gamification for your training.

If you are interested in gamification, or other types of training such as eLearning visit our website.


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