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Animation Comparison eLearning

Animations are useful in helping to make eLearning modules much more interesting. But how beneficial are they really? Are animations really worth all the effort? I would argue that yes, they are. Animations are a foolproof way to make eLearning modules so much more engaging and interesting to the learners.

Here’s a comparison of the intro slide to two version of the same eLearning module.

The first video of the intro slide does not have any animations. All it is, is essentially a power point slide with music, and everyone knows how boring power point presentations can get, especially when you need to gather information from them.

eLearning modules should not closely resemble power point presentations, they should be an engaging and interactive experience. Adding animations brings the module to life and helps to separate eLearning modules from simple power points. The second video is much more engaging. The slide no longer seems like a power point and now is much more like an interactive experience.

Here’s another example of slides with content.

When animations are synced up to audio and are associated with information, it makes the information much easier to follow and retain. Now not only is there an image associated with the information coming from the audio, there is the addition of an animation to aid in the visual stimulation. It is also much easier to follow than just having the images always on the screen.


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