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Adopting eLearning as part of your learning strategy

Using traditional learning formats such as PowerPoints, word documents, videos etc. can be one way you can teach your learners about a subject, however, this is not very interactive for learners and can become static for them. Another alternative is to create eLearning courses using authoring tools such as Articulate Storyline, Captivate or Lectora.

Below are some benefits of adopting eLearning as part of your learning and development strategy.

1. Learner Interaction

When using authoring tools to create eLearning and digital training most of them give you the ability to create customised navigation. By default, learners can interact with and navigate a course by the clicking Next and Previous buttons, however, you can also add custom navigation on screen that gives you more control over how learners navigate your course. For example, you might have a screen where the learner needs to complete an activity (e.g. a drag-and-drop activity) and cant proceed until they have got the answer correct.

2. Interactive Activities

Another benefit of using authoring tools to create eLearning is that you can create interactive activities. By default, authoring tools such as Storyline have a variety of built-in activities and knowledge checks such as multiple-choice questions, matching pair activities, drag-and-drop activities. In addition to this most authoring tools also have the ability to make freeform activities which allows your developers to create brand new, unique activities from scratch.

3. Tracking

When using eLearning authoring tools you can publish your course into a package know as a SCORM package. This package is then uploaded to and hosted on something called a Learning Management System (LMS). Once hosted on an LMS your learners are then able to log into your LMS and take your course. The benefit of hosting your courses this way is that you can track how many learners have completed your course, when a learner completes your course the LMS makes an entry in its database marking the learner as having completed the course.


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