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Adding interactivity to eLearning using knowledge checks

Interactivity is one of the most important things when it comes to designing and developing eLearning and digital training. Having a learner interact with your course can help increase engagement and reinforce what you are trying to teach. One way you can add interactivity is by adding knowledge check questions to your course.

Below are some types of knowledges checks you could use in your eLearning course.

1. True or False Questions

A True or False question is one type of question you could use in your eLearning course. For this type of question, you provide the learners with a statement based on the content they have just learned and then give them two options to choose from one True and one false. The learner then selects one of these statements and provides feedback. The benefit of using this type of knowledge question is that you can quickly take a key topic of your learning content and test whether the learner has understood what you are trying to teach.

2. Multiple-Choice Questions

A multiple-choice question is one of the most common types of questions you will see. For this type of question, you provide the learners with a question and then typically provide between 2-5 options for them to choose from, with only 1 of the options being correct. The benefit to using this type of question is that it gets the learners to think critically about what they have just learned by narrowing down the choices to the correct one, this works well if you have question were the answer could be one of several options.

3. Matching Pairs

A matching pairs type of question involves having a list of statements and a list of answers and then getting the learner to drag each answer to the correct statement. Typically for this type of question each statement would only have 1 correct answer. This type of question is good if you want to add extra interactivity to your course and gets the learner to think about how different concepts they have learned link together.


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