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7 Ways to Boost Energy at Work

Have you ever been at work, trying to complete an important project with a deadline coming up and find yourself being slowed down because of dozing off? Maybe you had a client meeting that you got nothing from because you couldn’t stop focusing on trying not to fall asleep, or even had feedback from clients on issues that should have never been there in the first place. If you’ve experienced any of these all to common problems, you have had an experience with fatigue. One of the most distracting and debilitating issues you will encounter at the workplace. If you ever find yourself feeling ridiculously sleepy at work, try some of these tips to help gain some energy back and bring yourself back to life.

1. Coffee

Have a cup of coffee. It doesn’t matter what time of day it is, enjoy a cup of hot coffee to bring some life back.

2. Have a snack

Having a small snack can help boost your energy. If you haven’t eaten in a while your blood sugar may be low and causing you to feel sleepy. A small snack is not distracting and is a good alternative to having coffee, especially if it is later or you don’t like coffee.

3. Go for a quick walk

Take a small break and get some fresh air. A quick 10-minute walk can help bring some energy back into you by getting your blood circulating. In the winter it may not be an option to go outside, but walking the stairs is a great alternative.

4. Change your focus

If you’ve been working on the same project for an extended period of time it can get very exhausting. If you have other work to do, try switching to a different task to stimulate your brain.

5. Take a quick nap

If your workplace allows it, take a quick rest. Some offices have designated napping areas which should be taken advantage of. If your workplace does not have a designated napping area, like most workplaces, if possible, go out to your car for 10 minutes, or lay your head down at your desk for a quick nap.

6. Drink some water

You may be dehydrated which can cause you to feel sleepy. Take a quick break and grab some water to revitalize.

7. Socialize

Try having a quick conversation with a co-worker, its hard to fall asleep if your talking so have a quick chat to stimulate your brain and regain some energy.

Working at a training company and seeing feedback from clients and bosses on eLearning modules, videos, and other training platforms that I’ve worked on that involve small grammar mistakes and other small formatting issues that should not have been there in the first place got me thinking about what may be causing these things to slip by. I thought of distractions and what bigger distraction do I face than being tired? I’ve had many days where I find myself feeling extremely tired, or dozing, especially after staying up late trying to finish projects, and I’ve tried many of these tricks, and they work. The ones that I find work the best are taking a walk, having water, and having a coffee. Next time you feel extremely tired at work try one of these tricks and you’ll find yourself regaining energy quickly.


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