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7 Things to Review before Sending your eLearning Module

Creating an eLearning module can be a long and grueling task. After working on a project for so long, programming the content can become automatic, and when the module is finally complete a second check might be brushed over as something unnecessary. Unfortunately neglecting a second pass through to error check can result in clients giving feedback regarding errors regarding mistakes that should have never been made in the first place. Here’s a list of some common things that should be considered in a final review before submitting the completed module to your client.

1. Check to make sure font sizes and styles are consistent for titles and content

2. Make sure any controls that you added are consistent in positioning and size throughout the module

3. Images are of high enough quality

4. Animations are working properly

5. Animations are synced to audio correctly

6. Captions are properly synced to audio

7. Audio volume is consistent

These are some of the things that clients will often catch during a first review that can easily be missed by programmers during the programming period. Keeping these things in mind while doing your review before submitting your eLearning module to the client for first review, will avoid the clients catching these small errors, possibly missing bigger mistakes, and more importantly avoids needing to correct them later.


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