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5 Tips for Adding Animation to your eLearning

eLearning modules are most effective in communicating information to learners when more than just the blunt text is shown to them. A great way to add life into your eLearning modules is to incorporate animations into the slides. There are many different ways to add animations into your eLearning modules. Here are a few tips wo ensure that your animations are effective.

1. Animate your text

Don’t have your text just be present when the learner moves onto the slide. Have the text appear in an interesting way. Reveal the text in a way catches the learners attention focusing on adding animation to important information to draw their eyes to said information.

2. Animate your Interactions

Integrating interactions into your eLearning is another great way to communicate information to learners. Having your interactions be animated, such as having your learner be presented with a scenario, and then presented with choices to further the scenario, have an animation play based on the choice that they make. These animations could involve characters moving and displaying dialogue, or having more information appear.

3. Accompany Animation with Audio

Accompanying animation with audio is a very effective way to add life to your eLearning modules slides. A good way to accompany animation with audio is to have text or characters appear with audio narration.

4. Use Animation to Communicate Concepts

If possible, using animation in place of text to communicate a concept can be just as effective. Somewhere where this may be useful is if the information is presented in a timeline. Play an animation to explain the different points in the timeline using characters and allow the learner to navigate the timeline freely.

5. Use Entertaining Animation

Adding some entertaining or lighthearted animation to your eLearning module can help the learner be more engaged in the eLearning module by making the module somewhat enjoyable. If the learner enjoys the activity that they are completing they will be more likely to retain the information.

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