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3 Ways to Minimize Technology Distraction

Work can get boring sometimes, and with the technology we have at our disposal these days, distractions are all around us, all the time, and can greatly impair our productivity at work. When work gets busy and its time to get projects done, technology can make simpler tasks take much longer and impact the quality in which they are completed at and can allow details to be missed and small mistakes to be made. Here are three easy ways to minimize distractions and boost productivity to get your projects done to the best of your ability.

1. Turn off cell phone

Your phone is a probably the most prominent source of distraction at work. With notification sounds or vibrations going off every few minutes and instant access to social media and entertainment applications it isn’t hard to see why. Turning off your phone or at the very least silencing it can eliminate a large source of distraction quickly and boost productivity.

2. Limit Internet Use

The internet can give you access to any information in the world you could possibly need instantly. Although the internet is a useful tool, it can also be a very distracting one if not used correctly. Websites such as YouTube, Facebook, and Twitter can impair your productivity quickly and greatly, sometimes without you even noticing. Try limiting your internet access to boost productivity. Limiting your internet use to strictly research purpose will help you to get the work you need to get done as quickly as you can and to the best quality that you can achieve.

3. Using Technology to Your Advantage

What most distractions come down to today is misuse of technology. Technology can be an extremely useful tool if used correctly. Using your access to the internet for strictly research while working on a project will increase the quality of it when you complete it. It also decreases the chances of small details being missed. Using technology correctly Is the best way to boost productivity and increase quality.

At Pathways eLearning we are always looking for ways to increase the quality in our products. Sometimes small details will be missed, or small mistakes can be slip by and this may be caused by improper use of technology. When we have a big project or proposal to finish, we find that changing the way which we use technology can change the outcome of the project or proposal. We’ve found that when distractions decrease, attention to detail and productivity increases.

Pathways has experience programming eLearning modules and creating other training documents for our clients regarding the topics of productivity, time management, and distraction minimization. If you are interested in eLearning modules or other training documents regarding these topics or others, please feel free to contact us.


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