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3 Tips for Writing Effective Quiz Questions for eLearning

At some point within most eLearning modules learners will be presented with some sort of evaluation. Usually taking the form of a quiz, these evaluations are usually short and too the point, regarding recent information the learner would have just been given. These quizzes do not usually span more than 5-10 questions and with them being so short it is important to follow some guidelines so that your quiz is effective in testing the learner properly and ensuring that they retained the information from the module.

1. Have a goal in mind

Your question should be based around a goal for what you are trying to have the learner achieve. A good guideline is to ask yourself if you want your learners to complete a quick fact check, or if you want your learners to do some critical thinking and dissect a situation.

2. Vary your question difficulty

Depending on what your goal is your questions might be short and easy to encourage quick recollection of certain facts and information from the module, or your questions may be long and engaging requiring deeper thinking, possibly requiring multiple answers or have answers based around fictional circumstances rather than a quick fact check. Varying the difficulty requires more engagement and thinking from the learner resulting in a more effective quiz.

3. Provide Answer Feedback

Providing feedback to answers can help provide the learner with extra information to help correct them, or even ensure that they knew why they chose the correct answer. Feedback does not only have to be for incorrect answers. Reinforcing correct answers with facts can ensure that the learner had the correct line of thinking when answering the question or give them reasoning in case they guessed.

If you follow these guidelines your quiz questions in your eLearning modules will be much more effective in checking the knowledge of your learners. Pathways has been developing various training documents for many years now and has experience in programming engaging eLearning modules with effective knowledge checking. If you are interested in eLearning for your company, please visit our website.


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