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3 technologies you can use to innovate your eLearning

When it comes to training your employees eLearning is one of the most effective and flexible ways to develop digital training and get it into the hands of your learners. eLearning and technology go hand in hand, as technology rapidly changes so does eLearning, now more than ever it is possible to deliver creative and innovative training to keep your learners engaged and interested.

360 Image

Using 360 images to create eLearning is a great way to increase the interactivity of your course and engage learners. 360 images are taken using a 360 degree camera, this camera works differently to other cameras in that instead of only taking an image of what’s in front of the camera it takes an image of its entire environment. For example if you place a camera in the centre of a room it will take an image of the entire room, using eLearning authoring tools it is then possible to turn this image into an eLearning course and add interactive elements such as hotspots. When a learner takes the course they will be able to look around and navigate using a mouse, when they see something they can interact with they click on the area and media can play such as a video, whiteboard animation or audio file.

Virtual Reality

Virtual Reality (VR) is something that has been around for a number of years now, VR uses a headset that covers the users vision and works by immersing the user in an interactive, computer generated virtual world. The main benefit of using VR for training is that you can use it to design and develop learning experiences that might not be possible otherwise. For example if you want to train your employees on how to use a new machine or system instead of training them in a classroom you can recreate the system in VR and get them to learn it just as if they were on the job. The advantage of doing this is that you can creating an interactive, real world learning experience while removing the risk and consequences that comes with making mistakes.

Mobile Learning Games

Learning games is another technology you can use to enhance your eLearning and digital training. What makes games so fun? Games have mastered the ability to capture the users attention and keep them engaged for long periods of time. To do this it uses several things such as storylines, avatars, levels, badges and rewards. When creating eLearning you can leverage this as well, by implementing a story with characters and levels you can grab the users attention far more than just using text on a screen. Most people have a smartphone and learners are expecting to take training on the go at a time that suits them, when creating a game for a mobile device this can be an effective combination to getting your learners regularly engaging with your learning content.


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