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The Correlation Between the Book Good to Great and the World’s Best eLearning Course

My husband thinks it’s crazy that I read business books while I am on vacation, but I find it’s one of the only chances I get to read these days and I enjoy the thought provoking concepts that a good business book provides. This year while on vacation, I found myself mesmerized by the concepts presented in the book Good to Great by Jim Collins.

Although the book Good to Great by Jim Collins received international fame when it was released in 2001, the concepts presented in this book still hold true today. Collins advocates that to move your company from good to great, you have to figure out what your company could be the best in the world at. Many companies (like ours) are able to do many things to service the needs of our customers, but figuring out what you could be the best in the world at and where your focus should be, requires some rigour.

Here at Pathways Training and eLearning Inc., we are going through the process of asking ourselves “What could we best in the world at?” For us, this is actually an easy question, we know we have some of the best and brightest eLearning developers on staff. Not only can our programming team develop using virtual reality code and 360 video, which is considered to be cutting edge eLearning technology, in 13 years there is not one client request that we have received, that our full-time programming team has not been able to code.

Consequently, while I am away on vacation, I sent an email to our programming team based on the research advocated by Jim Collins and I asked them to work together to answer the following question: “If we were to develop the greatest eLearning course in the word, what would it look like?”

I am excited to hear what this talented group of individuals comes up with, and I will share it in my next blog.

Warren Buffet, arguably the world’s best investor, looks to invest in companies that are the best in something or that have created a moat around their products (meaning it is very hard for a competitor to replicate what the company is doing). An example would be Disney, think about the creation of the happiest place on earth with a location with a massive castle and the customer service experience Disney provides. The location in itself is hard for a competitor to replicate, let alone the service experience. Another example is Cirque de Soleil who redefined what a circus could be with talented performers that have skills that are next to impossible to find. These companies created a moat around their products and are known for being the best in the world at what they do!

What does it mean to be the best company in the world at eLearning? At Pathway Training and eLearning, we don’t know yet but I look forward to sharing our research and results!

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