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Lucky Year 13 – Pathways Training and eLearning Does It Again!

Pathways Training and eLearning Inc. is in it’s 13th year of business and thanks to many wonderful Fortune 500 clients, we continue to grow!

In the first quarter of our thirteenth year, we have already completed the following:

  • Created 6 highly interactive eLearning modules and created and host a custom Learning Management System (LMS) for a well-know and leading Canadian cannabis company.

  • Created over 50 eLearning courses, and 10 short training videos for one of Canada’s leading banks.

  • Facilitated over 30 classroom-based training sessions in both English and French for three of the world’s top luxury automotive brands.

  • Created two highly interactive eLearning modules for world-class medical researchers working in the field of children’s health.

With lots of other project work being currently created for leading retailers, automotive and government clients as well, Pathways is not finding “13” to be an unlucky number at all!

For more info on Pathways Training and eLearning, call us at 1-888-961-6011 ext 122 or email us at

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