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eLearning Trends For 2019

eLearning is a constantly evolving form of learning due to its focus on leveraging the latest technologies to deliver digital training. Technology changes very rapidly and as a result eLearning is constantly changing, by leveraging new tools, techniques and methods digital training and eLarning can be delivered in new ways that is beneficial for both the learner and the training provider.

To make sure your training is up-to-date and meets learners expectations below are 3 trends for 2019 that you should consider when developing your next eLearning module.

1. Mobile Learning

Mobile learning or mLearning is eLearning that learners can take on a mobile device. When designing your eLearning it is important to consider not only how the course will fit on a traditional PC but also how it will function on smartphones, tablets and other portable devices. Mobile learning was a nice to have a few years ago but in 2019 it is more important than ever to make your training mobile compatible as learners are expecting to be able to take their eLearning and digital training while on-the-go and at a time they choose.

2. Virtual Reality

This one is not new, Virtual Reality or VR has been around for a few years now and is slowly increasing its capabilities. The concept of VR involves immersing the user in a computer generated world that they can interact with through the use of a headset and motion controls. Using VR could change the way that digital training is created and taken by learners. Some of the possibilities include, getting learners to perform real life tasks as if they were on the job, taking the learners on virtual educational trips to historical sites or performing a virtual classroom which will remove some of the distance barriers found in education.

3. Video

Videos are becoming one of the main ways we consume information, with increased developments in internet technology and mobile devices it is now possible to broadcast video using social media in a click of a button. Having videos in your eLearning is going to be more important than ever in the future, in the past you could deliver eLearning just using text, images and audio, however this is becoming more outdated as learners demands have changed. Videos allow you to deliver quick messages and incorporate slick visual effects in a short space of time, it is something not to overlook in when designing your next eLearning course.

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