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Blended Learning - Especially For Important Messages

As I sat down to write this entry, I found my inspiration coming from an unlikely source... a simple client project.

This particular Pathways partner always utilizes a blended approach to learning. Each departmental curriculum we've supported them in creating, has used multiple mediums to drive maximum learner engagement and knowledge transfer, as participants navigate their programs (onboarding, health and safety etc.).

So what?

Fair enough. There isn't anything particularly leading-edge about employing a blended strategy for learning; using eLearning as sustainment, in support of classroom programming for example, is common place. But the impetus for this particular entry (as I suggested) is not a curriculum, but rather, a single learning object with a very powerful message. In this case, a positive work environment. One free of harassment and/or bullying behaviour. Again, this sort of curriculum can utilize multiple mediums over a comprehensive programming effort, but this requirement is expected to be a 'gut punch' of a message, due a particular series of issues that are unique to the client's industry and (apparently) staffers.

This training will blend an approximately 5-7 minute animation, with "mid-video" breaks, so the classroom instructor can delve deeper into specific examples of inappropriate organizational behaviours that are both troubling and (apparently) all too common; along with the expected corrected behaviour. This blend of high-level behavioural change, paired with powerful, targeted and direct facilitation, will ensure maximum impact to participants. The anticipated timing for this blended message, is only 30 minutes (including the animation). Wow.

We can't wait to get started... a message this critical, requires a learning 'punch', not a lecture series.

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