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Common eLearning Mistakes

Developing eLearning can be a tricky process, the first step is developing the course based on the storyboard, once created the course will then go through a number of review cycles where changes will be made to the content, functionality and layout. As a result of this it opens up the possibility of simple mistakes being made during the review and update cycles.

Below are some common eLearning mistakes you can avoid when developing and deploying your eLearning.

1. Broken Links

Links are used for a number of things in an eLearning course, they provide the ability for learners to open supplemental files or access web pages that provide more information on what they are learning. One very easy mistake to make here is to use a broken link, this might be because it was copied incorrectly or because the file is no longer available. Before releasing eLearning or digital training to your learners ensure that all links work by clicking on them to see if they open.

2. Copyrighted Images & Video

When developing your course you will most likely use a wide variety of images and video. It is very important when doing this that you do not use any material that is owned by someone else without their permission. When using images or videos in your eLearning always ensure that you always have the right to use the content, otherwise you may be open to legal issues from the owner.

3. Spelling Mistakes

Just like writing an email, blogpost or any other form of communication it is important that you ensure your eLearning is proof read before hand. Having spelling mistakes can be one way to quickly reduce the quality of your eLearning and how your learners view it. When you have large amounts of text in your eLearning it can be difficult to prevent a misspelt word from getting through, but always make sure whenever you include text always spell check it before hand.

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