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Encouraging your learners in 2019

eLearning can be a useful and powerful tool to use as part of your learning strategy, it allows you to create interactive digital courses that can be accessed by multiple learners anytime and from a variety of devices. It can be easy to design and develop your training, push it out then expect learners to take it, however this is not always the case.

Once you have finished developing your training it is important to incentivise and engage your learners on an on-going basis to ensure they keep focused, interested and enthusiastic about the course they are taking.

Here are some of the things you can do in 2019 to incentivise and engage with your learners.

1. Provide rewards

One of the ways you can encourage learners to take your eLearning is to provide incentives and rewards. This can be something as simple as giving the learner a digital certificate at the end of the course, by doing this it provides a sense of achievement similarly to that found in games. These certificates can then be used to track learner progress and is a way for learners to visually see what they have completed.

2. Communicate with your learners

Another thing you can do to engage with your learners is to use notifications as a way of communicating with them, this could be mobile notifications, emails or text messages. Friendly statements such as “You have now begun your learning journey, click here to begin” provides some form of engagement and interactivity for the learner. This can also be used as a reminder if the training is time sensitive or is a task they need to perform daily.

3. Learning Paths

Learning paths are a common way to structure your learning, instead of the learner launching a selection of courses individually the learner is presented with a learning path, this is often a set of courses the learner much complete in order to reach a milestone. This is good for learners as it not only provides a sense of structure but also some kind of context for the courses they are taking, when combined with an avatar or characters this can be a very powerful way to engage your learners.

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