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Ways to improve your eLearning

eLearning can be a cost-effective and efficient way of training your learners. Unlike traditional learning, eLearning leverages technology to provide an interactive learning experience for learners. By using technology learners are able to take digital training on a variety of devices including smartphones, tablets and laptops.

Designing effective eLearning can be the difference between teaching your learners valuable skills or giving up in frustration.

Below are some tips to help improve your eLearning and digital training.

1. Storyboards

Storyboarding is an important concept when developing eLearning as it visually maps out what your content looks like. A good storyboard will describe each scene in detail and uses text, images and audio to visually display what each page looks like. Storyboards make it easy to share your vision with other people, get feedback and make adjustments, good Storyboards also make development easier as the developer can better portray what you are trying to teach.

2. Keeping it short

Keeping the learners attention and engaged throughout your eLearning is one of the toughest challenges when designing and developing digital training. Microlearning is a concept in learning and development that involves breaking down your learner content into smaller bite sized chunks that the learner then takes. By breaking down your course into smaller pieces means the learner is better able to digest what they are being taught.

3. Feedback

Getting feedback from your learners is one of the most effective ways to improve and expand on your eLearning. By getting feedback directly from learners means you can make improvements based on the needs of the audience you are providing training for, this is very effective as there might have been things you missed that the learner wants or they might be able to provide new ideas you did no consider in the design process.

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