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User Interface Common Mistakes

The User Interface or UI is the visual interface that the user interacts with when they take your eLearning or digital training. The UI can be considered to be one of the most important aspects when designing your course, as it is directly linked to the learner experience. A poor UI can result in the learner getting confused or frustrated with your course and as a result won’t learn the content you are trying to teach them.

Below are 3 mistakes to avoid when designing the UI for your eLearning and digital training.

1. Cluttered Pages

Making pages too cluttered is a common UI mistake that can be made when designing eLearning. It may be tempting to try and put as much information on screen as possible but this can be harmful as learners become overwhelmed with all the information on screen making hard to take in key learning concepts. A clean layout utilising whitespace is a good way to highlight key points of information, by adding the ability to drill down into specific areas means the learner is able to take in information in smaller pieces and retain information better.

2. Poor Navigation

Poor navigation can be a big mistake when developing your eLearning. If your navigation is not intuitive and simple it can result in the learner not being able to get to where they need to go and as a result not being able to take in the information they need to or give up completely. To avoid this make sure that your navigation is simple, logical and has a flow that the learner can easily follow.

3. Not Responsive

The concept of Responsive Design is to design learning content in a way that can be accessed on a number of portable devices including smartphones, laptops and tablets. A poor UI design will mean your learning content will only look good on one of these devices, this may not seem like a big deal but as more and more learners are taking training on a variety of devices this can mean your training will quickly become outdated and learners will look for other forms of eLearning and digital training that will better suit their needs.

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