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Rebranding and Organizational Change

Recently we’ve developed several eLearning projects for a number of organizations that were going through rebranding.

This is a major change to any organization, and change management is something that needs to be taken into account where a change will have an effect on everyone in the company. Not acknowledging the human factor in organizational change will result in resistance, leading to either the change failing, or loss of people who weren’t given a chance to adjust.

Employees caught in organizational change need to be on board, ideally, even enthusiastic for your change to work.

In many cases, organizations tend to implement change as an inevitability that everyone has to live with and eventually integrate, instead of making the people the starting point and focus of the change plan.

The eLearning we developed was to help the people understand and become excited for the new directions their organizations were going in. We also provided a way for the people to give feedback about how they felt about the change and how it may or may not improve the practices that were currently in place. This enabled higher-ups to look at how it was affecting the people, and where the points of friction were that needed to be addressed.

Pathways provides change management services if your organization is thinking of rebranding, or implementing any other major changes, and we can help your employees adjust and look forward to the coming changes.

Contact us for ideas on how to develop eLearning that will help you maintain communication with your people through these times or review this whiteboard animation that Pathways programmers created, about our change management services.

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