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Distributing microlearning training videos

Here at Pathways we specialize in all things training and eLearning, and as such, we have created microlearning training videos for several different clients.

Basically, microlearning means modules that deliver content in small bursts, for example, live action videos or whiteboard animations with a duration of 2-3 minutes (maximum 4 minutes); but after the content has been produced, how do we distribute it to our learners?

Using Learning Management Systems

Like many of our clients, let’s assume that the content you want to distribute has confidential information that you wouldn’t like your competitors to know. As such, we can make use the advantages that an LMS gives us: Protected information and completion tracking.

But how do you track completion on a video?

Well, it depends on the LMS you are using. For example with Pathways LMS, you can create different kinds of learning activities, videos among those options, and you can manually set the completion criteria, for example, just by accessing the video, it will be marked as completed.

If you have a different type of LMS, that can only import SCORM compliant activities, you can always use a SCORM wrapper to upload your microlearning video to your platform.

There are two options you can use to SCORM wrap your video:

  1. Stand-alone wrapper: You can always find a stand-alone wrapper if you do some searching in Google, but be aware that there are always 2 implementations of the same wrapper: One for Flash and one for HTML. Be careful to pick the implementation, let’s remember that now Flash is becoming obsolete (it’s been doing so for several years now) as the popular internet browsers are taking a step further on disabling compatibility with the Flash plugin, so it is recommended that you wrap your microlearning video using an HTML5 video player, in conjunction with the JavaScript implementation of the SCORM wrapper.

  2. Authoring tool: If you want to make your life simpler, you can always use an authoring tool, such as Articulate Storyline or Adobe Captivate, and as a matter of fact, these tools give you the advantage to create quick, short knowledge checks at the end of the videos, that will even expand the options of your completion criteria, either by just watching the video or by successfully answering the questions in the knowledge check.

By doing this, you can certainly distribute your microlearning training video in a secure manner while keeping the tracking capabilities.

Please visit our website at to learning more about microlearning training videos and to view some samples of the different type of 2-3 minutes we have created for many happy clients!

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