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eLearning Mistakes To Avoid

Developing e-learning can be a balancing act between getting all of your learning content on screen and having a course that is intuitive, clean and consistent. When developing eLearning and digital training it can be easy to miss things that cause issues for the learner and negatively impact the overall User Experience.

Below are 3 common things to avoid when developing your next eLearning course:

1. Text Heavy

Interactivity is one of the key aspects to making eLearning engaging and fun for learners. Creating courses that are text heavy and only require the learner to click next can be tempting as its quick and easy to develop, however the down side of this is that you run the risk of the learner loosing interest and not learning what the course is set out to teach. In some cases you will need to use text heavy screens, however having a variety of screens with interactions such as drag-and-drop excersises, click and reveals or even basic fly-in animations will help to break the text up and keep the learner engaged.

2. Inconsistency

Having an inconsistent design can be very distracting for your learners, not only does it make your eLearning look messy it can cause confusion as the learner often looks for patterns and familiar navigation elements when taking an eLearning course. This doesn’t mean that every page has to look the same but using set fonts, colours and layouts will help to improve the overall flow of your digital training and improve the User Experience.

3. Poor Design

Poor instructional design can cause a lot of issues down the road when developing your eLearning. Some of the things to avoid include having too much information on screen, are you overloading your learners with too much information? Are the learning objectives being met? Is the content engaging for the learner? Having a good course design prior to eLearn development will not only save you time in the long run but also produce a better quality and more engaging course.

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