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3 most important reasons why an eLearning with videos will engage your employees

“People expect to be bored by eLearning—let’s show them it doesn’t have to be like that!”

– Cammy Bean (Author of ‘The Accidental Instructional Designer’)

People can absorb information from various stimuli, including visual, auditory, written and hands-on practice. Some prefer a combination of visual and auditory instruction, others learn best when reading, and then there are those who like to be more hands-on in the learning process.

Now, the best thing about video is that it encompasses elements from all these styles of learning in a single online tool! This makes video one of the most engaging eLearning tools available.

1. Captures attention - When done right, i.e., the right mix of scripts, graphics, animations, and audio, videos happen to be an excellent tool for capturing attention and then keeping that attention, too. Video gives instructional designers the opportunity to shape content in ways that are both engaging and entertaining. The creativity is almost endless, but some of the most popular techniques are to use humor, animations, storytelling, chapters, spot questions and even interactivity.

2. Easy to reach - Thanks to technology, video is scalable and accessible. Providing video content on an LMS or internal website makes it easy to share, and that content is increasingly accessible on mobile devices as well. Video also enables the increasingly popular user-generated learning content.

3. Ideal for a DIY/How-to style of training - Whether you’re teaching your learners how to bake a cake, fix a car, or use new software, video in eLearning is the perfect way to do this. With so much control over where the viewer directs their attention, a video is an effective way to show learners the practical steps, processes or details they need to successfully complete the task at hand.

If you agree that a video is the best option, your learners will still be smiling as they enjoy the lights, camera, and action in your eLearning course.

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