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Limitations deploying 360 eLearning videos on mobile devices

Moving forward with the development of our 360 eLearning video, we have found along the way that there are lots of opportunities to improve the learning experience by teaching the content in a more interactive way.

However, and unfortunately, given that 360 eLearning videos is still a technology in development, we have also found several challenges and limitations, especially when it comes to deploying this product on mobile devices. And even more specifically, deploying then on iPhone.

So, what makes it challenging?

The answer is kind of ironic, it is a reality that not only affects 360 eLearning videos, but any kind of web product, and it is the way iOS renders the videos on iPhone devices.

What is different on iOS?

Well, on other devices, if there are any videos embedded into the flow of a website, these videos will reproduce inline, which means they will be reproduced right on the page, without affecting the layout of the page.

On the other hand, when the same page is loaded on an iPhone, something different happens: as soon as you hit play on the video, it becomes full screen. What does this mean? It means that any object overlaying the video (like interactive hotpots) is then obscured by the video itself.

Furthermore, speaking about 360 eLearning videos, since these are full of interactive hotpots, it becomes an issue because usually, the tools used to create these interactive videos, try to force the iPhone to render the video inside the canvas, but the iPhone functionality tries to play the video in full screen, creating a conflict in which, ultimately, the 360 eLearning video won’t load.

Are there any workarounds?

There certainly are. Since, like I said before, 360 interactive video is still a new technology, some tools are adding their own ‘hacks’ to prevent this type of issue to happen, while they wait for a standardization of a functionality that fixes this challenge on the iPhone.

The key here, is to scope your 360 eLearning video project and decide if necessary to deploy it on mobile devices and delve into these ‘hacks’, or develop it with the current state of the tools and deploy your 360 eLearning video only for desktop.

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