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Why You Need an eLearning Vendor

Whether you have you own learning content or need content to be created for you, it can be difficult to know what the best way to train your employees will be (or where to even start for that matter!). This is where an elearning vendor is your best friend. They apply their professional knowledge and experience to identifying key issues in your learning and development programs to develop the most appropriate solutions (i.e. eLearning, mobile learning, infographics, whiteboard animation or gamification).

When you sit down with an elearning vendor, what can you expect? Firstly, they will identify critical issues in your training topics, work environments and employee engagement. This will help them figure out what the best way to deliver information to the learner will be to get the highest level of retention. At Pathways, our solutions are almost always customized as every company’s employees and culture is different. The next step would be putting together the appropriate learning technologies, authoring tools and instructional design theories that will keep your learners focused on what’s important. Lastly, there will be evaluation tools setup to monitor the progress of the learner. Sometimes there will be some areas which need more attention than others, or perhaps the learning solution will need to be tweaked.

For more information on how Pathways can help you with your training needs please visit our website at

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