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Gamification Introduction

Several recent surveys conducted this past year estimate there are 1.2 billion people worldwide playing video games, spending up to 3 billion hours a week. Of that number, the Sony Network boasts 110 million users for their PlayStation console while Microsoft numbers are at 50 million for their Xbox 360 and One platforms. That leaves over a billion people playing video games on” non-console” formats, such as their personal computer or laptop, phone or other handheld devices. Understanding that, is it any wonder that more and more instructional designers are using gamification” as part of their projects?

Gamification is defined as the “application of common elements of game playing as a means to encourage engagement with a product or service” *. For example, awarding points, playing against or being in competition with other users, having a set rules of play to follow, etc. So basically, using the elements over a billion people have become familiar with to help them learn.

In the upcoming weeks I am going to delve deeper into the phenomena that is gamification and discuss in more detail how instructional designers and programmers are partnering to create eLearning modules that are using gamification in many creative and exciting ways.

To learn more about gamification and other eLearning training solutions offered by Pathways please visit our website at

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