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Project management can be quite a complex task with many moving parts to manage. Their roles can be deconstructed into multiple roles that include initiation, planning, design, execution, monitoring and closure of a project. as a result, PMs often have certain skills that enable them to be successful in the coordinationof the projects they oversee. Here are a few key skills they excel at.

Excellent Communication Skills

It is imperative at the start of any project to clearly communicate project goals and expectations to all parties involved in the project. Effective PM’s are able to manage member feedback while ensuring that although all feedback may be taken into consideration, only suggestions which enable the project to move forward are put into practice.

Effective Team Building Skills

A successful project manager has the ability to inspire the team to work towards the end goal of the project. Ensuring that all members’ opinions are valued helps to create an environment where the vision of the project can be shared and where members truly feel that they have an equal role in achieving the desired outcome.

Mitigate Risk and Manage Problems

Being able to predict and create solutions to issues before they arise, increases the likelihood of an on-time and fruitful project. Preparing for worse case scenarios can prove to be an advantage even if things go as planned. If problems do arise, having a manager who calmly and collectively is able to manage issues serves to increase member trust and keep the team on task.

  • This program won a Canadian eLearning award and was voted the best responsible gambling program globally

  • 6 different LMS’s involved

  • Development of an online portal and 3 eLearning modules (a core eLearning module and 2 sustainment modules to be taken 60 and 90 days after the initial module had been completed)

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