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Will the Pandemic Increase Adoption of eLearning, Online Learning and New Training Technologies?

I do not post a lot on social media. It’s not because I am averse to it, I actually quite enjoy looking at social media to see what the rest of the world is doing. As all of us are stuck at home, it has become an increasingly easy way to understand the sentiment of the rest of the world and current popular thoughts and trends (…like how to make sour dough bread).

I responded yesterday to a LinkedIn post, that asked the question “Do you think virtual reality will be adopted more as a learning tool, because of COVID-19?” My sentiment was clearly not the popular one. I truly believe that given learning professionals from corporate trainers to elementary/high-school teachers and college professors have been forced to adopt eLearning and online learning tools (not by choice, but as a result of the circumstance) will find that using online tools and eLearning is not as bad (or as hard) as they thought.

As a country we know Canada is slow to innovate (check out a recent Conference Board of Canada report on how Canada lags behind it’s peers). Recent research shows people have time to learn and are more willing to learn given the current situation. It is often during times of constraint that flexibility and creativity can occur (for example, it was during a pandemic that Shakespeare wrote one of his greatest works, King Lear).

At Pathways Training and eLearning, we know many educators who are new to eLearning and are just familiarizing themselves with online tools, but for those of us who having been teaching and developing eLearning for years, I would encourage you in this time of change, to think about how you can innovate and teach differently. For us at Pathways, back in 2017 we started to experiment with virtual reality as a learning tool. Virtual reality eLearning, holds a lot of promise as an online teaching tool because:

I would challenge all of us in these unprecedented times, to try out some of these new online learning tools that will help people have effective online learning experiences, in a world where classroom learning is not possible, due to COVID-19.

For more information about using virtual reality eLearning to teach in an online learning world, check out some of our blog posts.


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