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Why you should incorporate eLearning as part of your learning strategy in 2021

It has been almost 1 year since the COVID-19 pandemic begun and during this time how we learn, work and live has dramatically changed. With traditional ways of learning no longer being possible, alternative ways of teaching are needed to help educate large numbers of people. One way you can do this is by using eLearning.

Below are some reasons how eLearning can be used as part of your learning strategy in 2021.

1. Remote

One of the key benefits of using eLearning as part of your learning strategy in 2021 is that it can be done remotely. Unlike classroom training that needs to be done in person, eLearning can be taken from anywhere providing you have a network connection and a computer, tablet or smartphone. By hosting your eLearning courses on an LMS (Learning Management System) you can track learner progress and provide an easy way for learners to access your training. In 2021 limiting where you go is important to slowing the spread of coronavirus, by using eLearning learners can take training from their homes or other safe spaces, as a result this can help reduce the need to have people meeting in person and can help keep learners stay safe.

2. Widen your audience

Another benefit of using eLearning as part of your learning strategy is that you can widen the audience you can reach. Even before COVID-19 there were a number of barriers such as cost, time and travel barriers that prevented people from accessing in person training. For example, if you are running a classroom session it might not be possible for a learner to get to the classroom, they might live too far away, don’t have the funds or are not available at that time the session is being run. With eLearning you can help remove or reduce some of these barriers. As eLearning is taken online learners do not need to travel to a specific location, they can take training at a time that suites them, and if a learner already has a computer or electronic device and a network connection the costs associated with taking the training can also be reduced.

3. Easy to update

When using eLearning it also provides a great amount of flexibility when it comes to updating and changing your courses. For in person training if you want to make a change you need to edit the learning materials, update the instructor, and get anyone else involved up to date on the changes before the classroom session is next run. With eLearning it can be much easier, if you need to update an eLearning course you just need to update the source file and upload it to the LMS, once the course has been uploaded and learners are enrolled, they will be able to access it instantly. Even though this does require some work it could be much less then changing an entire classroom session.


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