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Converting Storyline files into Powerpoint files

Storyline is a great tool for eLearning, and has some great capabilities which include importing PowerPoint slides directly into a Storyline file, which can simplify programming if your storyboards are close to what the final eLearning product will look like. However, sometimes the programming may go in a different direction or include content not in the ‘final’ storyboard. So if the client wants the storyboard to be updated to match, or if they would like a PowerPoint version of the elearning for presentation purposes, there are a couple of ways to make this happen.

However, you will not be able to create a PowerPoint version of the eLearning module that has editable text, images or shapes, and it will not have any of the Storyline interactive elements. So, keep these limitations in mind when doing this conversion.

Export the Storyline as a Video

Storyline has a default “Publish to Video” setting that will create an .mp4 file from your Storyline. If you have any interactive elements in the module, such as click and reveals, you will need to change the triggers to show the content based on the timeline instead of user interaction.

Once you have published the video, insert the video into a blank PowerPoint slide and you’re done! This works for clients who need the module in PowerPoint form as a presentation.

Screencap the Storyline slides

This is the more flexible option of the two, but takes more time. You can take screencaps of each slide and layer separately, or you could also take the video you created above and export the video as a series of images, if you set the frames per second very low to reduce the number of duplicates.

Then take the images and insert each one into a Powerpoint slide. This allows for more control over when the PowerPoint presentation moves to another screen, or if the client only needs the PowerPoint as a storyboard documenting, to see the latest version of the eLearning module.

For more great tips on converting formats for your eLearning, check out the rest of our blogs or contact us at

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