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Gamification in eLearning

Gamification is a concept that can be used to improve how your learners interact with your eLearning and make the overall experience of your web-based training more enjoyable.

The idea of Gamification is to take mechanics used in games and integrate them into your eLearning modules (keep in mind Gamification is not the same as a game) to grab the attention of the learners in the same way a game would.

Below are some of the benefits that Gamification could bring to your eLearning:

1. Improved learning experience

Games challenge people, they give rewards for completing challenges and provide the player with a sense of achievement. By having levels, badges and leaderboards associated with the content you are trying to teach can get learners more invested in your training and improve the overall experience your learner has when taking a course.

2. Fun

Games are designed to be fun, the goal of a game is to keep the player interested as long as possible and keep them playing. By introducing characters, narratives and avatars to your eLearning will help to better engage learners and keep them interested in what they are learning.

3. Learning by doing

When playing games the player will eventually fail, this is normal in games and helps players to learn by doing. By implementing this gaming mechanic and creating a safe environment for learners to practice tasks in can help learners learn by doing, this can be very effective when learning new skills that can then be used on the job.

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