Creating an eLearning Checklist

After completing your eLearning module, crossing your T’s and dotting your I’s, there are some important items that should be considered before going live. I would recommend that you have numerous sets of eyes when doing your final review because when people are too close to the project they may not notice things that a fresh pair of eyes would. Here is a sample of the items that should be on your checklist:

  • Training needs analysis is complete

  • Time and budget restraints have been identified

  • Course objectives are met

  • Content is broken into “bite-sized” chunks

  • Hardware and software requirements are all met

  • Navigation of the module is in the correct sequence

  • Branding guidelines have been followed

  • Color schemes are consistent and visually appealing

  • Narration is clear and concise

  • Audio synced to content

  • Font sizes are clear and visible at all times

  • Subject matter expert has verified content

  • Language is clear and concise

  • The overall flow of the module is appealing

  • Images/graphics are meaningful and serve a purpose

  • Images/graphics are consistent in size, type and quality

  • Relevant assessments/tests are included throughout

  • Beta/alpha testing has been completed

This will be a good start in finalizing your eLearning project, and making sure everything is ready for your go-live launch.

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