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What is mLearning?

mLearning or mobile learning is eLearning that is specifically designed for a mobile device. Typically this type of learning would be taken on a smartphone but could also be taken on other devise such as tablets or small laptops. When designing and developing mLearning one of the key things to keep in mind is the reduction in on-screen space, screen sizes are much smaller for mobile devices so you need to ensure that your content is displayed in a clear and compacted way. mLearning is often taken by learners while on-the-go and most likely won’t be taken for long periods of time, when designing your mLearning it is important to keep this in mind.

Why use mLearning?

Below are some of the reasons why you might want to start including mLearning in your learning and development strategy.

1. Freedom

Freedom to take training wherever you are is one of the big benefits of using mLearning. As learners are taking training on a smartphone or tablet they have the ability to take digital training while on-the-go or at a place of their choosing. The benefit of this is that it will provide greater encouragement for learners as they can take training at a time that suits them, for example an employee taking traditional eLearning would have to complete training before leaving the workplace as a result they may rush it, with mLearning they would be able to take training on a bus, on the train or at home which gives them increased flexibility to plan their day accordingly.

2. Wider audience

One of the main benefits of using mLearning as part of your learning and development strategy is that you can reach a wider audience. With traditional learning you are limited to whoever attended the classroom, with mLearning you could have learners all over the world taking your course simultaneously. The equipment cost for the learner is also low as all you would need to take mLearning is a mobile device and an internet connection, once the learner is able to launch the course they can begin learning.

3. Repeated Learning

Microlearning involves breaking courses into small bite sized chunks that learners can take. This involves breaking up the course into small parts that learners can take quickly and in a short amount of time. If you combine this with mLearning it can be a very effective way to reinforce learning. For example you could have learners take an mLearning course, after taking the course you could then follow up by pushing questions or tips to their mobile device that they can read. By doing this you can help reinforce what the learner has learnt and keep the course content in mind.

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