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Client Appreciation Event - Fun Basketball Night with Pathways Training and eLearning

Here at Pathways Training and eLearning, we are constantly having fun with our many different projects and trying to come up with creative solutions to our clients’ eLearning and training needs; but once in a while, we like to take this fun outside our office boundaries, and this time we took it to the Air Canada Centre.

Last Thursday, we invited some of our prestigious clients to join us for a night of food, drinks and Basketball, in our VIP box at the Air Canada Centre. Of course, for Toronto Raptors fans out there, it was a remarkable night, since they obliterated the New York Knicks with a 25-point difference victory (88 – 113). For us, in addition to witnessing an ample victory of the Raptors, we also got to spend some quality time with our clients, getting to know them in a more personal level, which made our night even better.

Moreover, due to the nature of our projects and our clients, I would say the majority are working in different cities, provinces and even countries (actually, one of our clients flew from the US, one of their employees, who was a key point of contact for a project, specifically for this invitation), so it was nice to finally put a face on some voices that you spend hours talking to, over the phone.

As an all-time soccer fan, I can’t say I understand more than the basics of basketball, but I can certainly appreciate a good game when I see it, and more when the excitement of people around me is contagious.

Here are some pictures of the amazing night we spent with some of our fantastic clients!

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