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A Look Back at 2016

This past year at Pathways Training & eLearning has been one filled with great opportunities, unique challenges and above all else, further proof we continue to lead the way in developing innovative learning solutions for our ever-growing list of clients. As such, over the next few weeks I am going to share our “story of 2016” which included everything from our continued partnership with one of the worlds most popular luxury automotive companies, the development of a new-hire program for a large transit company and our first foray in to the exciting world of 360 video.

I am not going to say the past year was not without a few challenges…. but even here we raised our game and proved once again that all obstacles can be overcome given the right person is on the job, and we certainly have that at Pathways!

I look forward to sharing our eLearning story in my upcoming blogs and providing a preview of what we have in store for 2017.

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