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If you’re expanding your learning strategy to include eLearning, you might be encountering resistance from your facilitators and Subject Matter Experts (SMEs). It’s important to understand the nature of the resistance so you can better address their underlying concerns.

Reluctant facilitators: Facilitators play a critical part in eLearning, in particular in the flipped and blended modes of delivery. Facilitators might be concerned that the inclusion of eLearning will increase their workload or radically change its nature. What supports or compensation strategies do you have in place to upskill facilitators in need and to compensate those who knock it out of the ballpark?

eLearning SMEs facilitators

Resistant SMEs: Bringing knowledge and focus, Subject Matter Experts are the backbone of eLearning content; but their time is valuable. Are they actually resourced to develop eLearning curriculum or is your project piled on top of their daily responsibilities? Understanding how they are resourced will give you insight into your ability (or inability) to gain their buy-in.

Your approach to eLearning should include strong project management, focused meetings and a robust communication strategy. Your eLearning vendor should be able to help you generate stakeholder buy-in, explain the pedagogical value of new approaches, and manage project timelines and deliverables.

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