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Working with Audio in Adobe Captivate

Audio is an important part of any eLearning module. Without audio an eLearning module is just watching a power point presentation play by itself. That being said audio can sometimes be one of the more complicated parts of a eLearning module to program, especially if the audio is triggered by something, or if the audio itself triggers something.

Working with audio in Adobe Captivate can be confusing. There are so many ways to work with audio, and some of the ways you are required to work with the audio may have you questioning yourself and your techniques, having you think “There must be an easier way”. Most of the time this isn’t the case. Here are a few different ways that Captivate allows users to work with audio.

Putting Audio in Slide Background:

The most straight forward way to work with audio is to put it in the slide background. Simply drag the audio file into the slide’s timeline. Although this is the simplest way to have audio in your slides, it doesn’t offer very much in terms of manipulating the audio. You can only have one audio track in the timeline at one time.

Putting Audio on Shapes or Buttons:

Audio can be attached to shapes and buttons in Captivate. This is the only way to manipulate multiple audio tracks on the same slide.

To attach audio to shapes or buttons:

1. Select the shape or button

2. In the properties tab select “Options”

3. Under the audio section click add audio, from here there will be a window where you can import new audio or select already imported audio from your library

Audio can now start at specified times on the timeline, just move the shape around to the time you would like the audio to start.

Putting Audio in an Advanced Actions:

If you are executing Advanced Actions on a button, you can have the action play specified audio. This is one way to add triggered audio into your slides. When the button is clicked the selected audio will play. In the advanced action window, you can also have the action execute more actions within the script.


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