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What makes a good infographic?

Infographics are a great way to condense a lot of content in a way that is appealing and helps learner retention instead of reading lists of numbers or facts. If you can effectively put a number of relevant points into an easy to read infographic, you’ve already taught your learner a lot with very little.

Infographic on Pathways' accomplishments
Infographic on Pathways' accomplishments

Charts, graphs and diagrams are also types of data visualization, but infographics are a way to make reading the data fun and engaging. What makes a good infographic different from an ordinary graphic?

Before creating an infographic, it’s important to determine what message you want to convey. Telling a clear story draws your audience in and creates an emotional connection along with delivering information. Find the story you want to tell with graphics, and choose your data and facts carefully to support that idea. Consider three main points you want readers to remember when they’re done reading.

The design of an infographic involves visually presenting the data and story in a beautiful and appealing way. A good infographic requires the right color scheme, readable fonts, graphics, icons, characters and finding clever ways to illustrate information. Done right, your graphics should simplify the data and make it more digestible.

However, there are several issues that you should keep in mind when making an infographic. How much text is there in your document? If there is more text than images, an infographic may not be the best option to present your information. Simplify and condense the text you need to keep your message clear. On the other hand, if the data you’re showing is already simple and straightforward, the graphics may not be adding anything of value to the reader.

Make sure the infographic can be easily read on a computer screen, and optimize the infographic with keywords in the title and alt text. Also consider if you can have the text be separate from the graphical part in order to be readable by screenreaders for accessibility.


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