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Ways you can improve the learner experience

When designing and developing eLearning there are some things you can do to improve the user experience and effectiveness of your digital training. As learners are learning from home now more than ever it is important to make sure your eLearning provides a stress free and positive experience.

Below are some of the things you can do to achieve this:

1. Complex Navigation

When developing your eLearning course, it is important that you make the navigation as easy to use as possible. As eLearning can be taken by a wide audience with varying levels of technical capabilities what may be intuitive for one person may be complicated for someone else, when adding navigation on-screen try to make sure it is visibly labeled, large enough so that people can see it and consistently in the same place. By doing this your learners will be able to progress through your course with minimal issues.

2. Screen Activities

Another thing you can do to provide a better learning experience for your learners is to limit the number of tasks a user needs to perform on a screen. If you have a screen where the users are performing multiple activities they may not be sure what they need to do next to proceed. Instead try to break up activities and content across multiple screens, for example instead of having a click-and-reveal and knowledge check question on the same screen try to have them complete the click-and-reveal task first on one screen then move onto the knowledge check question on a separate screen.

3. Text Overload

Another thing that can provide a negative user experience for your learners is using too much content when trying to explain a topic or subject. When deciding on the type of media to use (e.g., audio, video, images) text can seem like a quick and effective choice, however when used to much it can make your course static and uninteresting for the learner. To overcome this, try to use a variety of media to explain the topic you are trying to teach, for example rather than using large amounts of text it might be better to explain a concept using an image, diagram or video.


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