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Things to keep in mind when developing eLearning

When designing and developing there are certain things you should be aware of to ensure your learners have a positive and engaging experience.

Below are some of these things:

1. Confusing navigation and flow

When developing your eLearning course, you should make sure that your navigation is clear, consistent and intuitive for your learners. When placing navigation on screen make sure the Next and Previous buttons are in the same place every time, and are of the same type, colour and size. By having consistent navigation it will make learners become more familiar with the placement of buttons and what they have to click next. If you have any custom navigation, make sure you add callouts instructing them what to do next.

2. Not responsive

Another important thing to consider is that your eLearning is responsive. In the past learners have taken training primary on wide screen devices such as laptops or computers, however learners are now taking on a wide variety of devices including smartphone sand tablets which have much smaller screen sizes. Keeping this in mind when designing your training think about how it would look on a wide variety of devices, what works on a laptop screen might not necessarily work on a small phone screen.

3. Loading times

As mentioned in the past learners have taken eLearning primarily from a school or office which likely has a high-speed internet connection, however, due to advances in technology and the global pandemic we now have huge numbers of people learning from home and while on the go. As a result of this learners internet speeds can vary greatly, if you are in the city you might have access to a fast internet connection, however, if you live in a rural area your internet speed might be much slower, because of this think about the file size of your eLearning course, if you are using a lot of large files such as videos it will increase the size of your course and can make it difficult for learners with slower internet connections to download.


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