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Things to check when testing eLearning

When developing eLearning and digital training it is important that you thoroughly test your courses to ensure everything works as expected and learners have a positive user experience.

Below are some important things you should check when testing your eLearning courses.

1. Text synchronisation

When developing eLearning you most likely include some form of audio narration in your slides. When adding audio narration, you may synchronise on-screen elements such as text and images to appear at certain times as the audio plays. When testing your course check that the on-screen elements animate in at the correct time, listen to the audio and check that the on-screen elements appear as the audio is being said.

2. External Resources

In your course you may link to external resources or web pages that provide learners with more information about the subject you are trying to teach. When testing your eLearning course make sure that you click on every link and check that the resources downloads or the correct web page opens. As some hyperlinks can be long it can be easy to miss a character which can result in a broken link and your learners not being able to access the resource.

3. Overlapping Audio

Another thing to check when testing your eLearning courses is that there is no overlapping audio. In your eLearning course you may have screens where you ask the learner to click on several buttons, with each button playing audio and displaying text on screen. For these types of screens you can run into situations where if the learner clicks the buttons too quickly it can result in multiple audio files playing at the same time. When testing these slides make sure that only one audio narration is playing at one time.


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