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Storyline built in graphics libraries

When developing elearning courses, you are going to need graphics to illustrate your content. However, you don’t necessarily need to buy a subscription to stock images, illustrations and/or vector graphic libraries. If you have a paid subscription to Articulate Storyline, you already have access to the Content Library 360, which contains all these things! You can add any of these assets to your elearning from the Insert tab in the Storyline toolbar.

The Content Library toolbar contains stock photos, illustrations, icons and stock video footage you can use freely in your training. Clicking on any one of those opens a window where you can search for relevant visuals.

Once you have typed something into the search bar, you can also switch between types of content from the pulldown menu in the top right. Clicking on that can swap your current search from photos to videos, or icons to illustrations.

The icons are especially useful, as those function similarly to shapes and objects in Storyline, so you can customize them with fill and outline colours based on the colour branding used in your elearning. Check out what’s in your Articulate library today!


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