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Organizational change

We are living in uncertain times, and that is challenging for both for individuals and organizations.

With the sudden shift of work to telecommuting, drastic decreases in hours, outright layoffs, and temporary cessation of nonessential businesses, nothing will be the same even once the pandemic ends.

Major changes to corporate culture and managing people are coming, and change management is something that needs to be taken into account when such seismic shifts occur. Not acknowledging the human factor in organizational change will result in loss of people who weren’t given a chance to adjust, and the organization itself may collapse from the lack of support.

In many cases, the changes have already happened and organizations will eventually have to deal with the fallout of their people caught in these changes with very little advance warning.

Pathways provides change management services to help your employees adjust and look forward to the coming changes. Contact us for ideas on how to develop eLearning that will help you maintain contact with your people to help everyone get through these times.


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