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Important things to consider when developing eLearning

Now more than ever people are living, working, and learning from home. While this has its advantages, it can bring challenges such as learners not having anyone to ask if they get stuck or encounter a technical issue.

Below are some important things to consider to ensure your learners have the best possible experience.

1. Navigation

When creating the navigation for your eLearning course it is important to ensure it is consistent and is placed somewhere that is intuitive for learners. In authoring tools such as Articulate Storyline, navigation is built into the player, this means you do not have to create buttons such as Next and Previous yourself. As a recommendation, you should try to stick to using the built-in navigation as much as possible, however, if you do decide to go outside of this and create your own navigation make sure it is clearly labeled, consistently in the same place, and intuitive for learners.

2. Buttons

Checking functionality such as Buttons is vitally important to ensure that learners have an error-free experience. When developing a course, you should always perform functionality tests to ensure that all your buttons and hotspots work as expected. As large numbers of learners are now taking training remotely there is no one to immediately turn to if they get stuck or cannot do something. When you have buttons that don’t work issues can range from not being able to access a piece of text up to not being able to complete a course, as a result, it is important that these issues are fixed before you deploy your course.

3. File Size

When developing an eLearning course, you may want to include videos so that you can explain a subject to a learner. Videos are particularly useful when you want to explain a complex subject, however, it is important to note that video files can increase the file size of your eLearning course rapidly. When a learner takes a course, this might cause issues as their internet connection may not be able to download the course in a reasonable timeframe. While it is ok to use some videos, it is important to ensure that your course file does not get too big so that your learners will have issues when taking it.


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