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How to use Props in Vyond.

With Vyond you can create engaging 2D animations that can be exported as a video file and inserted into your eLearning courses. To help us create these animations we can use something called Props.

In Vyond Props are objects that can be inserted into your animation, these objects can be anything from a car to a coffee table. Props help to set the scene and allows characters to interact with objects on screen. In this example we are going to add furniture to an empty apartment.

To do this we need to add some Props, to access Props we first click on the Props icon which is located in the top left toolbar.

Next we have three options to choose from for the style of Props, this is Business Friendly, Whiteboard Animation and Contemporary, in this case we will choose Business Friendly.

Next, we are presented with the different types of Props we want to add, in Vyond there is a wide range of Props ranging from animals to nature to technology.

In this case we want to add some furniture to an apartment, in order to do this we click on FURNITURE & FIXTURES.

Next, we are presented with a wide variety of different types of furniture. To do add a chair we find the type of chair we want and click on it, in this case we are going to add an Armchair.

When we click on Armchair we can see that an armchair is dropped into our empty apartment.

Once the Prop has been added on screen, we can then move it, resize it and add other Props to help set the scene for the animation.


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