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How can I improve the images in my eLearning?

When developing eLearning and digital training images are one of the most crucial media elements you can use to create pages and explain learning concepts. Using images in combination with other types of learning content e.g. text, video and audio can help reinforce what is on the page and helps learners to visualise what is being explained.

Below are some thing to consider when using images in your eLearning.

1. Accuracy

Making sure your images are in line with the learning content for your eLearning module is very important. This may sound easy but can actually be quite difficult, when talking about a specific subject the SME or person writing the content will understand the subject well, however chances are they are working with a designer who will understand the basics of the content but will not be an expert. This can be tricky as the content writer may not have the design skills to think of an appropriate image and the designer may not understand enough about the subject to make an accurate choice. When deciding on images its important for a designer and content writer to work together to decide on the best image for the content, done correctly this can make the eLearning far more effective in helping the learner understand what they need to know.

2. Consistency

Consistent images is another important thing to consist when designing your eLearning course. As part of a wider strategy it is a good idea to have some kind of branding and colour scheme, this ensures the eLearning course is consistent throughout and reflects your organisations style. This also applies to images, when deciding on images it is important to use similar or the same types of images. For example if your eLearning uses animated or cartoon style images, only use this type of image, if your eLearning uses real life photographs continuing using these types of images. Using a combination of image styles can make your course look inconsistent and can reduce the overall strength of the brand being applied.

3. File Sizes

File sizes are an important part of your eLearning course, depending on the length of your course this can have a smaller or larger impact. When inserting images to your eLearning course it will increase the overall file size of the course, in other words the more images you have the larger your course will be. For smaller eLearning courses this may not be an issue, however as your course grows larger so does your file size, if a learner is taking a course on a mobile device this can cause issues with downloading times. When choosing images for your course just keep note of how many are being inserted, if the number is growing too large and impacts your course consisting removing images that don’t provide as much benefit.


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