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Fixing Animations not Playing in Unity

Augmented reality is a great new way to engage with clients. Although the technology is relatively new, we may see it grow in popularity within the eLearning marketplace soon. Not to mention having the ability to showcase newer technology helps to give an edge in the eLearning marketplace. Using Unity and the Vuforia asset can help make creating augmented reality modules quick and easy. Although these tools are very useful there are still some issues that may arise during development.

I found that animating objects is one of the more tedious tasks in creating an augmented reality module. When programing I found that when I previewed my module, and my Target Image was detected, my objects were already in their ending place, as if the animation had already played. If you are working with Unity and Vuforia and you find the animation you made for your object is not playing when the Image Target is initially detected, here are two easy fixes I found that you can implement.

Delay Start:

1. Select the specific object you do not see the animation for

2. In the menu go to Window>Animation

3. In the animation timeline popup window, move your initial time for the animation start to later down the timeline

4. Your animation should now play after the AR loads onto your Image Target

Change Culling Mode:

1. Select the specific object you do not see the animation for

2. In the Inspector Window scroll down to Animator

3. Under Culling Mode click the dropdown menu

4. Set Culling Mode to Cull Completely

Sometimes your computer may be slow in loading so the animation will have already played by the time your project has loaded. Delaying the start of the animation is a quick fix that I found while adding animations to some objects in my project.


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