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Elearning and Corporate Culture

Over the years, we have produced multiple elearning modules and videos on topics such as Codes of Conduct, Diversity and Equality, and Respect in the Workplace. This kind of training is important for establishing clear outlines for behaviour in your organization and how employees should report misconduct when it happens.

However, elearning cannot work on its own for creating and maintaining this kind of work culture it teaches. Too often, this sort of training is used as a bandaid or shield to preserve the appearance of a safe and fair work environment, in a corporation that does not enforce those practices, or worse, encourages the opposite.

As much as businesses like to create training about their “zero tolerance policies” for things like disrespect and abuse, many of them fail to take action against toxic people and behaviours when it happens, especially when those people are important and have a position of power in the company. Many employees find that the Human Resources department is not there to help or protect the interests of workers who are low on the corporate hierarchy, but to protect the company. This usually means removing whoever is most disposable in the situation.

In order to truly embody the values shown in the elearning we have made to encourage healthy work environments, the organization has to be able to recognize and uphold the spirit and the letter of the practices our elearning on Codes of Conduct or Respect are trying to teach.


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