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5 Tips for Creating Satisfying Mobile Learning

With mobile phones becoming more accessible, many companies are considering that mobile learning could be a useful and effective medium for administering training to employees. There are many benefits to using mobile learning, the training modules can be accessed on the go, mobile learning offers extensive flexibility to learner, and mobile learning is supported across many devices. Here are some tips that can be followed in order to create effective mobile learning.

1. Condense the Material

Cut down the material to only the most important material from your original eLearning. module Mobile phones do not have as much power as computers and thus the little details of other eLearning modules may cause a mobile learning module to become slow. If you condense your eLearning down to the most important bits and leave out small details, it will make for a much more satisfying mobile learning


2. Simplify Images

Make sure that your images used are simple and do not contain too much detail. Extremely detailed images may take a long time to load, and in some cases may not even load correctly. Lower quality images are also much more pronounced on a mobile device, so it is also advisable to avoid using low quality images on mobile. The best way to ensure your images are not going to impact the learners experience in a negative way is to only use simple images of decent quality, such as shapes and icons.

3. Implement a Flexible Design

Ensure that your mobile learning is compatible with multiple devices, as well as ensuring that the module can adapt to different screen sizes. Chances are that your employees are not all going to have the same phone in the same size so it is important that your mobile learning module is flexible and can be completed on different operating systems and that the module properly adapts to different sizes of screens.

4. Keep Interactions Simple

Interactions can be much more tedious on smaller screens. Keeping that in mind it is important that you design your interactions so that they are satisfying and easily accessible on mobile devices. Simple drag and drop, matching, and click to reveal should all be easy to accomplish on a mobile learning module, but it is still important to test to ensure everything works to your desired level.

5. Single Column Design

Design your mobile learning so that it has a satisfying flow that is easy to follow. Implementing a single column design can help organize your module in a way so that it is satisfying on smaller mobile screens.

If you are interested in learning more about mobile learning, or are interesting in mobile learning for your company, visit our website.


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